Lauramid Inject® 970: For functional injection moulded parts

The injection mouldable Lauramid Inject® 970 granulate was developed by the Handtmann Elteka engineers as the result of intensive research and testing. It is made of a regranulate of the 12C Lauramid® polyamide and is ideal for small components (e.g. rollers) produced in large batches.

The result is a material that, due to the low water absorption, exhibits moderate swelling characteristics and also boasts up to 80 % of the excellent mechanical properties of a cast Lauramid®.

Castors, bearing rollers and guide rollers made of Lauramid Inject® 970 retain their dimensional stability, even when used in damp conditions or when exposed to the weather.

The basic colour of Lauramid Inject® 970 is black. On request, Handtmann Elteka can provide colour masterbatches for components of other colours.

Advantages of Lauramid Inject® 970

  • Absorbs significantly less water than all other injectable polyamides
  • Good dimensional stability and resistance to wear
  • Good shock absorption characteristics
  • Injectable thicknesses up to 5 mm
  • Good memory characteristics