Lauramid® application example: General mechanical engineering

Lauramid® is the polyamide with the widest range of applications. It boasts a diverse portfolio of excellent properties. The engineering plastic is therefore used in numerous applications.

For example, environmental engineering is another field that has grown dramatically in the last few years. With our cast polyamide, we at Handtmann Elteka are also a part of this significantly developing industry. Our Lauramid® is thus already in use, for example as rollers in solar sheds that rotate as the sun moves and as large-scale stirring propellers in biogas plants. Also deployed in iCROSS® speciality bearings, Lauramid® is the material used for the inner or outer ring or for the rolling barrels, and facilitates applications that would not be possible with conventional bearings.

Our high-performance material is also particularly durable in the general mechanical engineering sector because one of the outstanding properties of Lauramid® is its resistance. For you as the user, this means a long service life, low maintenance costs and also less raw material consumption and less waste.

Irrespective of the industry, whether small or large, whether in the air, on land or underwater – you can rely on components made of PA 12C Lauramid®.


Lauramid® in general mechanical engineering: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B, Lauramid® FS
Production method Semi-finished parts, finished parts, mould casting
Component examples Biogas propeller, Roller block for solar sheds, Toothed wheel for a barley turning facility, Toothed ring for an underwater turntable, Double taper roller for a pipe welding system, Drum pipe in a saltwater application, Separator wheel
Selected properties High wear resistance even in saltwater, low water absorption, chemical resistance, excellent weather and UV resistance, extremely long service life

Other industries and application examples

Due to its excellent material properties, Lauramid® is suitable for use for a wide variety of innovative parts and for applications in numerous industries. The following industry examples provide an insight into the virtually unlimited possibilities that our high-tech plastic provides.