Lauramid® application example: Paper and fibre production

Products in the field of industrial paper production must be resistant to chemical substances and also demonstrate high resistance to abrasion. As a great deal of water is used during the production process, the low level of water absorption is also a basic requirement for materials used for this application. The properties of Lauramid® meet all these demands.

The illustrated examples of Lauramid® components which are already used in the paper and fibre production industry are a stirring propeller for stirring paper pulp, a large paper cylinder and a consistency gauge

Lauramid® in paper and fibre production: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B
Production method Finished parts, mould casting
Component examples Vat propeller, straining cylinder, consistency gauge
Industry-specific properties Good chemical resistance with respect to acids and alkalies, high resistance in terms of hydro abrasive wear, insensitivity to stress fractures, high rigidity

Other industries and application examples

Due to its excellent material properties, Lauramid® is suitable for use for a wide variety of innovative parts and for applications in numerous industries. The following industry examples provide an insight into the virtually unlimited possibilities that our high-tech plastic provides.