Lauramid® application example: Storage and conveying technology

Lauramid® can be found in a large number of transportation and storage systems, for example as rollers, toothed wheels and custom components.

And rollers made of Lauramid® also move the storage/retrieval systems shown in the photos, light cranes and enormous loading systems in ports etc. In these applications in particular, it is vital that the systems work without downtimes and often around the clock. Lauramid® rollers have proven their reliability in applications such as this for many years. Furthermore, the good damping characteristics of the cast polyamide also absorb the pressure from blows and impact, which often occur during handling operations.

A cast polyamide screw (5-axis cam) that places the mail in the correct position in a letter sorting plant is also an example of a transportation application.


Lauramid® in storage and conveying technology: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B
Production method Finished parts, mould casting
Component examples Castors for storage/retrieval systems, rollers for telescopic spreaders, a screw for letter sorters, rollers for trolleys in port cranes
Industry-specific properties High abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability (low warpage), lubricant-free running, extremely low component weight, very good damping properties, high bearing capacity

Other industries and application examples

Due to its excellent material properties, Lauramid® is suitable for use for a wide variety of innovative parts and for applications in numerous industries. The following industry examples provide an insight into the virtually unlimited possibilities that our high-tech plastic provides.