Rollers and wheels made of Lauramid®: Long-distance runners

Rollers made of the Lauramid® high-performance polymer are used in a wide variety of applications. Whether they are used for cable railway construction, as rollers in vehicle sliding doors or in crane systems of all sizes, the wide-ranging properties of our PA 12C ensure that the rollers just keep on moving ...

Because the high-tech plastic is a real resistance wonder – it defies abrasion, flattening and large temperature fluctuations, is also resistant to extreme impact and blows and impresses with its bearing capacity, true-running characteristics and long service life. The rollers are supplied with or without ball bearings.

Consultation, design and production

Many decades of experience with Lauramid® enables us to answer your questions in detail. Taking all the relevant factors into account, we develop custom-made rollers for you that fit your application. We have developed our own calculation programme for this purpose.


Your advantages

  • High bearing capacity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low rolling resistance
  • "Memory effect"