PVLS 125 plus AL system sausage filling line

With PLUS innovations and options

PLUS features for even more performance and Quality
Natural casing pusher*, minimum setup times, easy operation, state-of-the-art EtherCAT technology and many more PLUS options stand synonymous for even better performance and quality in sausage production.

Casing change in less than 2 seconds thanks to the Revolver
Casing change times of less than 2 seconds thanks to a linking unit with revolving head and 2 nozzles effectively increase the production output. The casing pusher also reduced non-production times, especially for natural casings.

Modern 2-belt separating process
The separating process with 2-belt solution and sensor guarantees precisely separated portions, eliminates rework and reduces casing as well as production costs The result are equal lengths for all sausages with exactly the same weight, ready to be packaged and reliably cut into single portions or strings of any length.

Increased performance thanks to parallel voider
Portioning and linking by means of voiding in a continuous filling process and in conjunction with highly-dynamic linking ensures portions accurate to the gram with equal lengths. Handtmann parallel voiders ensure even more gentle linking of natural casing products.

*not available in all countries

Top features

Linking, Cutting


up to 1,500 port./min.




2-nozzle revolver


Top advantages

  • PLUS innovations and options, such as natural casing pusher*, casing end sensor, minimum setup times, easy operation and much more 
  • Casing change time under 2 seconds thanks to linking unit with revolving head and 2 linking nozzles 
  • Separating with 2-belt solution and sensor eliminates rework and reduces casing as well as production Costs 
  • State-of-the-art technology with parallel voider for even more gentle linking of natural casing products 
  • Optional separating into individual portions or strings of any length 
  • Product diversity due to large range of applications and calibres from 13 to 40 mm and portion lengths from 40 mm 

Applications and product examples

Experience the diversity. A suitable solution for every application. Be it meat, convenience, pet food, fish and more.


Range of fresh sausage


Coarse fresh sausage

Breakfast Sausage

Fresh sausage

Fresh sausages in strings

Cut fresh sausage portions


Variety and efficiency with practical additional equipment and accessories


Various separating units

Linking nozzles of different diameters

Linking nozzle

Combination with depositing tray

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