The new party snack – Mozzarella sticks

The party and outdoor season is underway – with Mozzarella sticks from the Handtmann forming system

At barbecue parties, for outdoor cooking or for picnics – snacks and finger food are very popular. For such occasions, Mozzarella sticks make a welcome change and also meet demand for vegetarian alternatives. Handtmann offers you the right technology for the production of this new trend product:

Handtmann vacuum filler with the FS 510 forming system produces well-formed cheese products economically and accurate to the gram. The Handtmann vacuum filler portions gently and accurate to the gram, the FS 510 forming system ensures a diversity of dimensionally stable products. A wide variety of forms are possible, such as slices, cubes and balls, as well as heart and star-shaped products etc.


  • Excellent weight accuracy of each individual portion
  • Clean cutting quality for an outstanding product appearance
  • First-class product quality thanks to gentle processing

Capacity example formed Mozzarella sticks:

  • Production output: up to 250 kg/h
  • Filling temperature: 12-15 °C
  • Filling product: Processed cheese product made from chopped Mozzarella cheese.

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Have a snack. With Handtmann technology and trend products.

The latest trend – Mozzarella sticks, cheese slices etc.

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