Materials tester

What do I need to know about the profession?

Materials testers (specialising in metals technology) use sliding gauges, microscopes, x-rays and ultrasound to test the properties of metal and plastic materials.


  • Duration of apprenticeship: 3.5 years
  • Required school-leaving qualification:
    Secondary school certificate (Werkrealschule/Realschule)
  • Block school classes in Stuttgart

Further education opportunities

  • Master craftsman
  • Technician
  • Bachelor of Engineering


  • Analysis of causes of faults
  • Modification and evaluation of material characteristics
  • Evaluation of test results
  • Documentation of test procedure, measured values and test results
  • Conducting tests
  • Setup of testing stations
  • Planning and preparation of test jobs, selection and verification of test equipment

Requirements profile

  • Accurate way of working
  • Conscientious way of working
  • Interest in metals
  • Interest in chemistry, maths and physics
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to think logically

What will I learn at the training centre?

Handtmann Ausbildung - Werkstoffprüferin

Handtmann Ausbildung - Werkstoffprüferin

Core qualifications

  • Basics of metals technology (10 weeks)

        - Filing
        - Sawing
        - Drilling
        - Thread cutting
        - Rubbing
        - Mounting
        - Servicing and repairing

What will I learn in the materials laboratory?

Material tester analyses an alloy.
  • Measuring lengths and shapes (3 weeks)
  • Measuring physical quantities (8 weeks)
  • Microbiology (3 weeks)
  • Vocational school in Stuttgart (21 weeks)
  • Specimen preparation metallography (7 weeks)
  • Specimen preparation mechanical tests (7 weeks)
  • Technological tests (4 weeks)
  • Physico-chemical tests (4 weeks)
  • Transformation of material by the application of heat (5 weeks)
  • Non-destructive materials testing (4 weeks)
  • Vocational school in Stuttgart (19 weeks)
Materials tester tests cast part.
  • Metallography and mechanical testing of Fe and Cu material (10 weeks)
  • Corrosion test (4 weeks)
  • Surface treatment and tests (4 weeks)
  • Endurance tests (4 weeks)
  • Planning and performing tests on products (8 weeks)
  • Heat treatment (5 weeks)
  • Vocational school in Stuttgart (20 weeks)
  • Sand tests (2 weeks)
  • Error analysis (6 weeks)
  • Vocational school in Stuttgart (7 weeks)
  • Operational task

Questions & answers on the application process at Handtmann

Applications via the online portal are preferred.

However, you still have the possibility to apply either by post or by mail.

  • Covering letter
  • Full curriculum vitae
  • Last 3 school records
  • Certificates

The application period for the start of training in 2021 is finished. 

The application period for the start of training in 2022 will be begin from 1. July 2021 to 15. September 2021. During this period you can apply yourself.


You will receive confirmation of receipt after you have sent your application. You will therefore know that your documentation has definitely reached Handtmann.

Your application documents will then be read personally and considered with respect to suitability by the training team. Therefore it may take a few weeks before you receive a reply. Thank you for your understanding. Even if it may take some time to consider your application, this on no account reflects on your chances of being accepted for the position.

If your application and the requirements of your career aspiration match, we will invite you for a personal interview. This is usually with the respective instructor.

Please refer to the Directions section to find out how to get to our locations.

You will receive a written response to the success of your application in the weeks after the interview. If your application is confirmed, we will send you a trainee contract and further information.

We ask for your patience. There may be several applicants and a decision can only be reached once all the interviews are complete.

Of course you can apply again after an unsuccessful application. It is quite possible that a suitable trainee position will be available at a later date or that a skilled worker position is vacant after your training. We look forward to receiving your application.

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