Новый трендовый стритфуд: фалафель

Handtmann Vakuumfüller mit Formsystem FS 520

Produce first-class falafel products with the Handtmann forming system

After burgers, doner kebabs and sushi, a new, genuine street food trend is developing throughout the world – falafel. Be a part of this latest consumer trend and ensure that you have a share of the success. The future belongs to “fast casual”. A new type of fast food outlet and snack bar which focusses on high-quality ingredients and homemade-quality food. Deep-fried falafel products in the shape of balls or burgers, made from puréed beans or chickpeas, herbs and spices, are really taking off. And Handtmann offers you the right technology for the production of these new trend products.

Well-formed falafel products, produced economically and accurate to the gram with a Handtmann vacuum filler and FS 520 forming system. The Handtmann vacuum filler portions gently and accurate to the gram, the FS 520 forming system ensures well-formed and dimensionally stable products. In a wide variety of shapes, such as burgers, balls and “croquette-shaped” products.

Capacity examples

  • Falafel balls up to 2,880 kg/h
  • Falafel burgers up to 2,160 kg/h

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Falafel – handmade-quality produced automatically

Фалафель из нута, приготовленный во фритюре

Deep-fried chickpea falafel

Нефритированные фалафели-тефтели, изготовливаемые системами Handtmann

Handtmann falafel balls, before deep-frying

Фалафели-тефтели, изготавливаемые системой формования FS 520 Handtmann

Falafel burgers from the Handtmann FS 520 forming system

Бургеры с фалафелем, приготовленные во фритюре

Deep-fried falafel burgers