Success Story: Cardeal Alimentos

Success Story: Cardeal Alimentos

“100 % of the production runs on the new Handtmann FS 510 production line.”

Cardeal is a traditional family business firmly established on the Brazilian market. Cardeal products meet stringent requirement criteria, in particular with regard to the use of raw material of finest origin. The company permanently invests in research and development and focuses on excellent product quality. The fully air-conditioned production area of 6,000 sqm houses a laboratory for quality control and latest generation machinery and equipment. For several years already, this has also included a Handtmann line solution consisting of a Handtmann VF 616 vacuum filler with integrated GD 93-3 inline grinding system and 510 forming system with 24-lane flow divider for the production of pet food. The produced pet food products are sold through retail partners who appreciate the quality of Cardeal, such as Bilisko. Cardeal food stands for exclusive taste, different shapes and unsurpassed quality. Attributes that make the range of products the first choice for dog and cat lovers. Continuous investments in the development of perfect snacks in terms of quality, taste and aroma have been made for more than ten years. These new products and new flavours have increasingly earned them the status of preferred and most popular producer with demanding pet owners.

We were looking for a modern and flexible production solution, which could meet our high production standards, improve our competitiveness and, at the same time, adapt our pet food production to international quality and productivity standards. We asked for a lot, but in less than three months after the first briefing with Handtmann we were able to run the first tests in production.

Cleide Keiko, Produktionsleiterin bei Cardeal

Two become one

Before making the switch to the Handtmann production solution, Cardeal had been running up two independently operating production solutions. Both were replaced by a Handtmann line solution with continuous production flow. Joining two previously separated production stages not only reduced equipment and machinery, but also boosted competitiveness. After all, the reduction of space requirements, staff costs, rework and give-away improved the company profits and incidentally provided further competitive advantages.

Flexibility for whatever cats, dogs & Co. may desire

Treats and variety are in demand with dogs and cats. The FS 510 system solution fulfils many desires of our four-legged friends with maximum flexibility. Cardeal uses it to produce, among others, meat-based dry pet food for dogs and cats as strips or sticks. Two to three types of products per day as strips as well as small and large sticks are easily produced, because the setup effort before starting a product are minimal. Cleide Keiko is enthusiastic: “Apart from the assembly at the beginning and the disassembly for cleaning the parts at the end of the work, system setup in the production process is limited to the conversion of the forming attachments. So only one part needs to be replaced and the program changed – a very simple procedure.” This is why 100 % of production runs on the Handtmann forming system line.

We achieve very good results with the FS 510 forming system and are very happy with it.

Cleide Keiko, Production Manager at Cardeal

FS 510

Trust and partnership

The collaboration of Cardeal and Handtmann is characterised by a climate of mutual trust and partnership, created by open exchange of information and full commitment on both sides. Despite the intercontinental distance, an optimal solution has always been found, while securing and improving profitability as a positive overall result.