Handtmann hosts the “ERFA-Kreis Energie” energy efficiency working group run by the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Approximately 20 experts in the field of corporate energy efficiency recently met at Handtmann in Biberach to share their experiences.

The Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce regularly stages this dialogue forum on the subject of energy. The discussion session focusses on cross-industry experiences with the introduction and optimisation of corporate energy management systems, the implementation of specific energy saving measures in actual corporate situations, further possible cost reduction potential and current developments in the field of energy legislation.

Ambitious energy efficiency targets

Based on demands from the state and from customers, Handtmann is not the only company that aims to achieve a minimum of a one percent reduction in electricity, gas and water consumption and CO2 emissions every year. The participants from other companies also have similar targets which they must attain. The information and suggestions shared in this group are therefore always extremely useful, and this opinion was once again voiced by all the experts at the conclusion of the latest event at Handtmann.

Source: Ralf Funk, Photos: Melanie Bächtle, Gerold Häußler


First management team completes the qualification programme

Handtmann Slovakia - management team completes qualification programme.

The qualification programme participants took the opportunity to pose for a group photo with Slovakian President Andrej Kiska, who happened to be at the same hotel on the day the graduation event was held (from left): Factory Manager Alexander Iván, Marieta Martočková, Vladimír Bodnár, Monika Rédvay-Spišáková, President Andrej Kiska, Jolana Strišovská, Tomáš Kertész, Gabriel Vinter, Alexander Hajdecker and trainer Achim Rohm.

At the end of November, a team of Handtmann Slovakia employees completed the last component of the first management qualification programme at the Košice plant. Thanks to experienced trainers, the managers were able to gain the soft skills knowledge that is so important for their working day.

When presenting the certificates, Factory Manager Alexander Iván and HR Manager Klaus Ehrhart stressed that, in acquiring new knowledge, all those who had participated in the training course had fulfilled an important requirement for becoming good managers, which they would first have to prove on the basis of appropriate performance in everyday working situations. Together with trainer Armin Rohm, they wished the course graduates every success.

Author: Gabriel Vinter, Photo: Klaus Ehrhart


Employees of the St. Elisabeth Foundation visit Handtmann Systemtechnik

Handtmann Systemtechnik - group of employees of the St. Elisabeth Foundation visits Handtmann.

The group of visitors with Robert Fiesel (right, Manager of Sales & Development) who presented the Handtmann Group of companies and the production and assembly plants of Handtmann Systemtechnik on-site together with Sabine Engel (Human Relations), Christian Nägele and Frank Mühlschlegel (both Team Manager Production/Assembly).

Handtmann Systemtechnik recently hosted the training day of the St. Elisabeth Foundation, Heggbacher Werkstattverbund. A group of employees of the workshop for disabled people in Warthausen-Birkenhard visited the system assembly department together with their group leader Steffen Maurer.

Intelligent systems and solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

From development to large-scale production, Handtmann offers complex systems for the drive units of the automotive industry. The “Heggbach people” have been acting as an extended workbench for years and carry out preparatory work for the assembly of system components at Handtmann. They assemble, for example, the joining elements for the charging air distribution of the 642 Daimler petrol engine, the injectors of the AMG V12 engine or the axial lock of the gallery for the Audi R5.

Sources: Sabine Engel, Markus Barth, Photo: Steffen Maurer


Full house at the Handtmann retired employees’ event

The Handtmann canteen at the company headquarters in Biberach was extremely full on 2nd December, 2016. Approximately 170 retired employees from the Handtmann Group of Companies accepted the invitation from the corporate management and attended the traditional pre-Christmas retired employees’ event. They were welcomed in person by company director Thomas Handtmann, his team of managing directors and representatives from the works council.

Keeping in contact

In addition to coffee and cake and a snack, a report by the company director on the current economic situation and the construction activities of the individual corporate divisions is always a fixed component of this convivial afternoon. Personal talks and enjoying time spent together are the main focal points of the annual event.

Source: Tamara Kopf