Testing compaign at Handtmann: The Group of Companies from Biberach takes responsibility

Medically trained and educated specialists from Handtmann’s occupational health service carry out COVID-19 tests on employees at the company’s two Biberach sites. From left: Manuel Stützle and Andrea Faller.

The occupational health service at Handtmann has already been testing employees for a possible COVID-19 infection for several weeks

Without much ado, the Handtmann Group of Companies has been offering all employees free and voluntary rapid tests and PCR tests since as early as mid-March. Around 600 employees have already taken advantage of this scheme. The tests are carried out by medically trained specialists from the group’s own occupational health service in two specially set up test centres at the Biberach corporate sites Arthur-Handtmann-Straße and Hubertus-Liebrecht-Straße.

“Regular testing is another important building block in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the sustained hygiene concepts we have implemented in our operations,” comments Jörg Hochhausen, Managing Director and Group Head of Human Resources at Handtmann. Long before the German government discussed committing companies to offer weekly testing, the Handtmann Group of Companies took responsibility for this important matter itself. “We have, among other things, been maintaining our own quarantine accommodation since last summer. For the protection of their families, employees can stay there after business trips until a negative test result is available.”

The company has now also been offering free testing for employees since mid-March. “These tests help us identify and interrupt chains of infection more quickly,” emphasises Jörg Hochhausen. “Our test centres are open five days a week.” Employees can easily book appointments via the company’s Intranet. Handtmann intends to expand the testing capacity even further in the future. Hochhausen on this: “We have contacted former colleagues with specialist training, who are still affiliated with the company, and who are eager to support us in our testing campaign.”

But the company is planning even further. “Handtmann is already prepared to carry out COVID-19 vaccinations itself. We can get going as soon as soon as we have the vaccine. On the organisational side, our occupational health service is supported in all these measures by the staff of the human resource department,” says Hochhausen.