From 2020, Handtmann will produce battery crossmembers in Annaberg

From 2020, Handtmann will produce battery crossmembers in Annaberg

Biberach, 12.09.2018 – The Handtmann Group of Companies is planning a new hall at its site in Annaberg-Buchholz (Saxony). Battery crossmembers for electric cars will be produced there in the future. Due to a lack of space, it is not possible for Handtmann to process this new light metal casting order in Biberach.  

An international automotive company has commissioned the Handtmann Light Metal Casting division with the production of battery crossmembers. The contract will initially run for eight years. The volume is around two million units per year. “We’re delighted that we were able to beat our international competitors and win this contract. Handtmann delivers high quality. But despite this, we must always ensure that our production costs and therefore our prices can hold their own in a global comparison,” explained Dr. Michael Hagemann, Managing Director of the Light Metal Casting division at Handtmann. This contract is the starting point for the large volume production of electric mobility components. 

Insufficient production space in Biberach

The battery crossmembers will go into production in April 2020. As early as the negotiation phase, Handtmann had to consider where the new order could be processed. This is because a company has to prove to the customer that it has the appropriate production options at its disposal before the contract is signed. “We investigated whether the requirements could be met at all of the European sites, including in Biberach. While we could have carried out the aluminium die casting in Biberach, there was not enough space on Arthur-Handtmann-Strasse or at our site in Aspach for the subsequent mechanical machining,” Hagemann explained. Furthermore, the schedule for IGI Rißtal has been delayed to such an extent that it is not possible to construct a new building there and kit it out completely by April 2020.  

Handtmann to build new halls in Annaberg-Buchholz and Königswalde

Instead of in Biberach, the new order will thus be processed in the Handtmann Leichtmetallgießerei in Annaberg-Buchholz, which also owns a site for mechanical machining 20 kilometres away in Königswalde. The company will construct a new building on the existing factory site for this purpose. The preparatory work is now underway. Construction of the 3,250 m² production and machining spaces will begin in spring 2019.  

Handtmann still has an interest in IGI Rißtal

Nevertheless, Handtmann is continuing with its plans involving the prospective Rißtal industrial estate to the north of Herrlishöfen. “Building the hall in Annaberg means that we are no longer under short-term time pressure with respect to IGI Rißtal. But Handtmann has a close bond with Biberach as a location and we are therefore still interested in reserve land near to our Biberach plants,” stressed Hagemann.