Success Story: Salamico

The sausage producer from Montreal is a long-standing Handtmann customer and is boosting its processing and production capacities with the latest Handtmann technology.

Julie and Guillaume Hutter run SALAMICO in the 3rd generation. Founded in 1958 by Swiss-born Willy Hutter, SALAMICO’s mission is, above all, to provide its customers with salami, ham and sausage products of exceptional quality and freshness. The proud owners, now in their third generation, meanwhile produce and distribute more than 100 different products under their own brand or as a private label at their production facilities in the borough of Saint-Laurent, Montreal, in the province of Quebec.

Julie und Guillaume Hutter

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In all honesty, I just love the precision of this new machine. If I want to produce 100-gram sausages, I can rest assured that each and every sausage we produce weighs precisely 100 grams, and that they all have the same appearance. For a company like ours, which also produces for other brands, this is an immense competitive advantage.

Guillaume Hutter, Owner of Salamico Co Ltee

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Guillaume and his sister Julie inherited their passion for sausage and meat products from their father Gerard. “He taught us everything about meat processing and the importance of good customer service,” remembers Guillaume. Apart from exceptional quality through excellence, he is also very passionate about European products and recipes. Authentic and following culinary tradition. From German bratwurst and knockwurst to Polish kielbasa and Hungarian debrecener. This passion of the Hutter family has meanwhile inspired more than 150 different products and has something to offer for every sausage lover. Only high-quality and natural ingredients make their way into the sausage: breadcrumbs, onions, garlic, spices and – correct – smoke! The base, of course, is made of only the best cuts of pork, beef, veal, lamb or poultry from domestic stock.




For Julie and Guillaume, however, this clear focus on quality and premium class extends beyond the SALAMICO products themselves also on the selection of the applied machine technology. Only the best and cutting-edge technology on the market makes it into their production, which at present is a Handtmann VF 800 vacuum filler of the latest generation. Which is also the reason why the Hutter family has been relying exclusively on Handtmann technology since 1970. Two VF 20 fillers had been operating until the early 2000s, followed by a VF 616 and a VF 50 for allergen-free products. “For us, these Handtmann machines fully lived up to their reputation as world market leaders in quality and reliability for more than 30 years. After all, we produced more than 17 million sausages with them.” enthuses Guillaume Hutter. 


In 2016, a significant surge in capacity required the purchase of an additional machine. The VF 800 technology, first presented at the IFFA, made a lasting impression on the Hutters, and SALAMICO thus became the first owner of a VF 800 vacuum filler, a VF 838 S to be precise, in North America.


I have known Andre Mathieu and Benoit Audet of Handtmann Canada for more than 7 years now, and all that I can say is that they are always there for us anytime, even at night or on weekends. They are professionals and will only sell their customers exactly what they want and the solution they need,” states the owner of SALAMICO. “What impresses me most about the VF 838 S that we have been operating for about 3 years now, is, apart from its absolute reliability, the outstanding portioning accuracy. And that with an output of 200 portions per minute! Every single product is consistently identical and uniform in appearance.

Guillaume Hutter, owner of Salamico Co Ltee

Today, SALAMICO is ready to take the next step. In addition to the trend towards meat substitute products, the company also recognises the consumer trend for better quality. Mere growth, only to become the largest meat processor with the largest volume, is not in line with the corporate philosophy and tradition of SALAMICO. The trend towards quality and the impassioned fulfilment of customer expectations and wishes alone mean consistent growth. Yet, the company is well aware of the dynamics and rapid changes in the market and feels well equipped for future challenges with the extremely flexible VF 800 technology. A new Handtmann AL PVLSH 229 PLUS sausage filling line was installed only recently. Another extremely flexible solution offering the option of hanging or cutting the sausages.

Guillaume Hutter: “We will continue to grow and on this journey, Handtmann will be at our side.”

Salamico Logo


Traditional recipes for the preparation of SALAMICO products

For the Hutter siblings, good customer service also means providing traditional recipes for the preparation of the exquisite SALAMICO sausage and meat products. Like choucroute, for example, a dish from Alsace consisting of sauerkraut with sausages and other salted meats. It is very similar to Bernese platter and the Austrian bauernschmaus but also to other sauerkraut dishes like butcher’s platter. Next to traditional dishes, however, there are also new ideas for recipes and dishes easily made with SALAMICO products. Quality and customer service first! In every respect.