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Contract development is a skill – strategic planning clearly defines the company’s mission: Handtmann Systemtechnik is your contact for shaping the future. We turn visions into goals, assess ideas, realise projects and benefit from the experience and the strength of the Handtmann Group of Companies and its decades of expertise in lightweight construction from a wider range of materials.

The results of our intensive cooperation with the top OEMs in the automotive sector play a significant role in their value chain and during strategic planning. In addition to complex suction systems and intelligent exhaust gas guiding and cooling concepts, a good example of this is the Handtmann thermal management system which reduces CO2 effectively, irrespective of the type of drive and the material used.

High-voltage battery cases and complete traction battery systems are further contributions of Handtmann Systemtechnik to the mobility of tomorrow.

As a full service provider, we support you from the idea to market maturity. Our development and design activities cover everything from prototypes to overall systems. Handtmann Systemtechnik also defines the processes required for the production of highly automated and interlinked assembly facilities. We initiate progress, provide consultancy services and assume project supervision and responsibility. We break new ground.

Responsibility for quality and the environment

With our certified management systems for quality, environment and energy, we guarantee compliance with international automotive standards as well as the commitment and responsibility for dealing ecologically and carefully with resources and the environment.

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