Electric mobility

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At Handtmann, the growing importance of electric mobility for the future is also at heart of our development activities.

For example, high requirements will be placed on the thermal management of electric and hybrid vehicles today and in the future. The most important of these are the cooling and temperature management of the electric motors and batteries, the cooling of the power electronics, and the energy storage systems.

In close collaboration with our customers’ research and innovation departments, we are developing applications and integrative concepts in the 48 Volt to high-voltage range


Examples of this are


  • Thermal management modules that control the heat and coolant flow based on demand
  • High Voltage Systems
  • Water-cooled housing for electric compressors
  • Water-cooled electric motor housings
  • Water-cooled battery cases
  • Latent heat accumulators for thermal energy storage
  • Transmission housings for hybrid transmissions

Optimal use of the advantages in light metal casting and the excellent system competence are ideal conditions for lightweight design concepts in future electric vehicles.

Handtmann - Electric motor housing

Water-cooled electric motor housings

Handtmann - battery case

Battery housing

High Voltage System

Thermal management systems

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