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Involved from the very beginning with creative ideas and efficient concepts

Systems suppliers are increasingly called for where efficient systems and assemblies are to be used in drivetrains. For us here at Handtmann, ideas with a future is all about intelligent function integration, innovative application areas for proven technologies and new concepts. By involving our engineers in our customers’ product creation process at an early stage, solution concepts are developed that take all of our customers’ requirements into consideration.

Short development cycles, complex processes and incessant demand for innovation characterise today's requirements in the field of advanced technology. That requires all of the disciplines involved to work together.

HDS<sup>®</sup> Handtmann Doppelstrahldüse

HDS® Handtmann Doppelstrahldüse

Advance development

Important trends in electric mobility, permanent approaches to reducing CO2 and requirements for multifunctionality are the focus of Handtmann’s advance development department. For example, we develop innovative components for future drive concepts under our own responsibility.

The focus of development are the topics

  • Supercharging
  • Exhaust gas cooling and routing
  • Exhaust gas energy recovery
  • Heat storage

Through its own development company KW Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Handtmann researches and develops future concepts such as the Handtmann HDS® double jet nozzle for the injection technology.

Transparency for quality and reliability

Our process and method concepts take compliance with quality standards, deadlines and costs into consideration at every single stage of development.

Each product is tested at the end of series assembly. To this end, we develop customer-specific concepts for traceability and identification of the products.

Handtmann data exchange

Handtmann data exchange

Maximum quality in each product phase

We consult closely with our customers in the initial concept and development phase on issues of geometrical layout and functional analysis.

The primary concern for us here at Handtmann is always to use the best possible manufacturing concept with the most efficient technology in order to be able to supply our customers with a reliable and sustainable product.

Important findings from simulations

The virtual simulation of customers’ systems enables early analysis of the product requirements for the area of use in question. Throughout the entire development process of new products, we constantly compare the measurements taken against the simulation models, which we continue to develop further. This allows us to work in close collaboration with our customers in a very purposeful and cost-optimised manner.

Test stands and practical tests for the overall system

We test materials, whole assemblies or functions during development using state-of-the-art testing methods and systems.

In safe hands from the outset

From the outset, our project managers are firmly anchored in the project along the entire process chain from development to series production and support the customer in each phase as a single point of contact.

Quality is never left to chance

From the moment a project starts, we take responsibility for all quality-related issues. Feasibility studies, FMEA calculations and sustainable quality concepts form the basis for meeting both our own claims to quality as well as the requirements and claims of our customers.

For consistent process monitoring, we rely on the latest technologies and statistical methods at all stages of a project in order to take early action.

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Handtmann data exchange

Data exchange

As basic CAD/CAM systems in the development areas

We use CATIA, PRO/Engineer and Siemens NX.

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