No supercharger like any other

The new generation of scroll-type superchargers from Handtmann

The supercharging concept for your engine designs of tomorrow is already available today with the Handtmann HSLn® scroll-type supercharger: A scroll-type supercharger with the best efficiency across large areas of the engine map. With the HSLn® scroll-type supercharger from Handtmann, you’ll have to completely rethink what you used to understand by the term “Scroll-type supercharger” or “G-supercharger” – and suddenly you’ll find features you’d never have imagined possible in this combination.


In its current design, the HSLn® scroll-type supercharger offers a system idea with excellent prospects.


Your advantages at a glance

2.5:1 Ratio

max. boost pressure ratio

75 %

max. total efficiency

88 %

max. internal total efficiency

260-460 m³/h

Size with volume flow range

Functional principle Handtmann HSLn® scroll-type supercharger

More power and less fuel consumption with the HSLn® scroll-type supercharger

  • Booster for 2-stage application
  • Best efficiency values
  • Low-pressure EGR compatibility
  • Available with integrated electromagnetic coupling
  • Available with electric drive (electric booster)
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Recuperable

Innovative supercharging systems for downsizing applications in petrol and diesel engines

From development to large-scale production, Handtmann offers complex supercharging systems for a wide range of applications.

Cut-out of the drive unit on the HSLn<sup>®</sup>

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