Product responsibility

For us, product responsibility means designing our products to ensure that they are safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly.

Handtmann Systemtechnik - Product responsibility

Handtmann Systemtechnik - Product responsibility

We view supplying high-quality products not only as a prerequisite for surviving in the market. Quality also means manufacturing products that are durable and safe and that can be reused or recycled well at the end of their service life, thus creating added value for our customers and for the environment.

To meet our own stringent quality standards and those of our customers, we continually work on optimising workflows, processes and procedures. In doing so, we comply with the quality management system in accordance with IATF/16949. And we also require this of our own suppliers.

As a part of a successful group of companies, Handtmann Systemtechnik had access to a wide range of process engineering competences from the start. Highly specialised process and production expertise makes Handtmann Systemtechnik a technology and system partner to the international automotive industry. We actively help shape the projects and developments of our customers in this area and in doing so contribute to making our customers’ vehicles more environmentally friendly and help them comply with the ever more restrictive exhaust emissions standards.