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Supercharge air concepts with a system from Handtmann

Intake modules with integrated supercharge air cooling

The new Handtmann supercharge air module was developed for a new generation of diesel engines. These engines use the supply of high-pressure and low-pressure exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Cooling the supercharge air also increases the power density.

The supercharge air module introduces the fresh air flow into the cylinder head together with the high-pressure and low-pressure exhaust gas. An integrated supercharge air cooler provides the required cooling of the fresh air. In order to achieve an optimal ratio of nitrogen oxide and soot particle emissions in each operating state and to comply with exhaust gas standards, uncooled high-pressure exhaust gas is added at certain operating points. The EGR valve regulates the flow rate.

Study on supercharge air and exhaust gas cooling in the intake module

Your advantages

  • Integrated supercharge air cooling to increase the power density of the engine
  • Reduction in emissions and fuel consumption
  • Complex function integration within a single module
  • Short supercharge air route for spontaneous response

Complex intake modules from Handtmann

Assembly suction system

Suction system for high-performance engines

Supercharge air distribution manifold for 6-cylinder diesel

Suction system with direct fuel injection for 4-cylinder pet

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