Handtmann Metallgusswerk wins the 1st European Die-Casting Competition

Award ceremony 1st European Die Casting Competition

Source: hl-studios GmbH / NürnbergMesse GmbH Award ceremony: v. li. n. r. : Christopher Boss (Director Euroguss), Andreas Würzer (Division Manager Technical Development Light Metal Casting), Wolfgang Schmidt (Management Light Metal Castings division), Martin Vogt (Head of Press and Public Relations BDG)

Handtmann Metallgusswerk wins the 1st European Die-Casting competition in the aluminium category

The most innovative and technically outstanding die-cast products made of aluminium, magnesium and zinc were awarded prizes in the 1st European Die-Casting Competition. Handtmann Metallgusswerk received 1st prize in the aluminium category with its innovative rear subframe.

For the first time, the Association of German Die Casting Foundries e.V. (VDD) and the EUROGUSS trade fair organised the European Die Casting Competition for the first time. The competition was supported by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie e.V. (BDG), the Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V. (GDA) and the European Magnesium Research Association e.V. (EFM). The competition is intended to highlight to the public and customers the diversity of applications, the innovative strength, the high level of quality and the performance of the die-casting process in the materials aluminium, magnesium and zinc.

A ten-member jury of die-casting experts from research and practice judged almost thirty castings according to the criteria of quality, innovation, cost-effectiveness, resource-efficient design, degree of difficulty, sustainability and possible displacement of other materials. The producers of the die castings submitted were deliberately kept secret in order to enable a largely neutral evaluation.

Andreas Würzer (Head of Technical Development): "This award shows Handtmann's innovative strength and strengthens us on our chosen path into the future. Many thanks to all Handtmann employees involved who have contributed to this win with their specific contribution and commitment. The award will make us more visible on the market as a competent development partner.

In addition to this award, the Handtmann rear subframe was also awarded the public prize. All winning components of the die casting competition were available for selection. This was selected during the virtual award ceremony from among almost 1000 registered participants in the livestream from all over the world.

You can find more information on the Handtmann rear subframe here: www.handtmann-hinterachstraeger.de/en