Environment, energy and climate protection


Sustainability is an integral part of the Handtmann culture. We work every day to generate our products and solutions with social or environmental benefits. As a family-run company, we are aware of our responsibility for climate protection. That is why we make climate protection a central part of the strategy in our company.

We have set ourselves the goal of making all production sites of the Light Metal Castings and Systems Engineering business units to be CO2-neutral by 2039.

It is our goal to increase the use of certified electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaics every year.

By 2039, the production of castings will then have switched completely to „green electricity“

Calculation and reporting of the CO2 footprint via CDP

Certified energy management system according to ISO 50001

Certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001

Continuous optimization of the machinery

Use of innovative resource-saving technologies and processes

Expansion of PV plant park

Use of combined heat and power plants 

Pilot project to generate carbon neutral electricity out of heat via OCR technology

Annual saving of 2,000 tons of CO2 by using photovoltaics, well cooling and intelligent waste heat recovery – upward trend

Increasing the use of secondary resources/closing recycling loops

Collaboration with customers and suppliers to achieve common reduction targets

Developing the offer of light constructional components to reduce the emissions during utilisation phase

Developing the offer of components for alternative drive systems

Handtmann – occupational safety as part of everyday life

Handtmann – occupational safety as part of everyday life

Certified environmental protection

Environmental and energy protection and occupational safety are important components of our corporate policy. With our certified environment and energy management systems, we guarantee compliance with international automotive standards, all the prescribed requirements as well as the commitment to dealing with natural resources responsibly.  For us, it is important that the environmental protection ethos is put into practice in all corporate divisions and processes. For example, this is seen within the company by the use of internal cycles at various points. This includes 100 % sand regeneration, cooling water cycles and the deployment of reusable packaging that is cleaned and used again.