High-pressure die casting

Fully automated high pressure die casting ensures high economic efficiency and flexibility

The high-pressure die casting process involves pressing liquid metal at relatively high pressure into divided metallic permanent moulds. High flow velocities occur in the casting mould throughout the casting process until the mould is filled. The pressure with which the liquid metal flows at high velocity into even the narrowest of spaces is critical for the ultra-precise reproduction of contours.

The methods used in die casting include the vacuum die casting method and the squeeze casting method. 


At the five locations in Biberach, Annaberg, Košice (Slovakia), Kechnec (Slovakia) and Tianjin (China), over 90 fully automated cold chamber die casting machines are available with closing forces of up to 4,000 tonnes.

All popular alloys in aluminium and magnesium are processed.

Advantages of high-pressure die casting

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Low machining allowance
  • Thin walls
  • High strength
  • Good surface quality
  • High productivity due to high automation
  • Leak tightness as long as the casting skin is not machined
  • Sprue parts possible

For our series production, we use fully automated casting cells with cold chamber die casting machines including robot handling and deburring presses.

Location Machine class
Biberach    840 to 4,000 tonnes of closing force
Annaberg    420 to 1,400 tonnes of closing force
Košice    350 to 1,050 tonnes of closing force
Kechnec                3,200 tonnes of closing force
Tianjin 1,600 to 2,800 tonnes of closing force

Fully automated high-pressure die casting process at Handtmann

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