Body - Chassis - Steering

Nowadays, the chassis and body are considered key to the weight spiral in a vehicle. Both groups of components play an important role in reducing CO2. As a specialist for thin-walled die cast parts with heat treatment technology, here at Handtmann we offer you comprehensive solutions for the use of light metal cast parts, including as a substitute for steel.

Rear axle carrier

Rear axle carrier

Handtmann - Suspension strut support

Suspension strut supports

Handtmann - Load compartment well

Cargo bay mulder

Handtmann - Knot part

Node parts

Handtmann - Transmission crossbeam

Transmission crossbeam

Fender support

Fender support


Aluminium and magnesium

We grew up with aluminium; with magnesium, we prove that we have long been focused on the future with lightweight construction.

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