Engine and drivetrain components

The requirements on engine and drive concepts are changing around the world and presenting automobiles manufacturers with new challenges. Whether diesel, petrol, hybrid or electric engines. All have the same goal: Minimising fuel consumption, reducing emissions and all this with low weight. This is exactly where the light metal concepts of Handtmann come in. We make a significant contribution to this with our engine parts such as oil pans, cylinder head covers, crankcases, bearing frames as well as oil and water pump housings.

Handtmann - crankcase bedplate


Handtmann - bearing frame

Bearing frame

Handtmann - cylinder-head cover

Cylinder head cover

Handtmann - cylinder head cover

V8 cylinder head cover

Handtmann - pump housing

Pump housing

Handtmann - electric motor housing

Electric motor housing

Handtmann - oil pan

Assembly oil pan

Handtmann - oil pan

Oil pan

Handtmann - oil pan

Oil pan incl. heat treatment

Handtmann - engine mounting

Engine mount

Handtmann - lost foam unit carrier

Lost foam unit carrier

[Translate to English:] Halter EGR Modul

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) holder

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