Product responsibility

For us, product responsibility means designing our products to ensure that they are safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly.

Handtmann - product responsibility

Handtmann - product responsibility

We view supplying high-quality products not only as a prerequisite for surviving in the market. Quality also means manufacturing products that are durable and safe and that can be reused or recycled well at the end of their service life, thus creating added value for our customers and for the environment.

To meet our own stringent quality standards and those of our customers, we continually work on optimising workflows, processes and procedures. In doing so, we comply with the quality management system in accordance with IATF/16949. And we also require this of our own suppliers.

More than 90 % of our cast parts are made from secondary aluminium alloys, i.e. aluminium that is created by melting down used and new scrap metal. This saves valuable resources in comparison to the energy-intensive production of primary aluminium that is extracted from ore. At the end of their service lives, our cast parts can be easily recycled and used again in the form of secondary aluminium.

The weight of each individual automotive component is an important factor for reducing fuel consumption and the associated emissions. At Handtmann, we focus on lightweight construction in two different contexts. Cast parts from aluminium and magnesium have mechanical properties comparable to steel parts but are considerably less dense. Additionally, we specialise in thin-wall high-pressure die casting, which results in a further reduction in weight. With our light metal concepts, we thus play our part in improving climate-friendliness in the automotive industry.