Adsorption technology RFC (Radial Flow Column)

Innovative chromatography processes

State-of-the-art technology in the functional food sector

Large-scale, industrial chromatography processes in the biotechnology sector and in "functional food applications", such as Lactoferrin extraction, were previously based on processes from the pharmaceuticals industry. This resulted in high system investment costs.

Significant potential savings

The Handtmann RFC column and the peripherals tailor-made for it (piping, valve blocks, CIP systems) offer enormous potential savings, while stable, fully-automatic, industrial scale processes can still be ensured.

The Handtmann RFC can be used in the food industry, for functional food production, for milk applications such as Lactoferrin extraction and in other large-scale adsorber processes.



Temperature resistant up to 100 °C
Pressure resistant up to 6 bar
Little dead space, thus low mixing
High flow rates possible at low pressure difference
Fully-automatic operation possible depending on the application
Cleaning process can be automated by Handtmann CIP system

Your benefits

  • The RFC columns are easy to pack and unpack
  • Most commercially available gels are held securely in the system
  • RFC packaging stations available

More filtration methods

In addition to RFC protein extraction, Handtmann Armaturenfabrik offers other filtration methods.

Applications & Industries

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Brewing industry

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Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology

Special process engineering

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Wine cellars

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