CIP systems

Hygienic and Hybrid systems

Handtmann CIP Hybrid systems meet stringent hygiene requirements, while at the same time conserving resources.

Handtmann CIP systems are planned and produced in accordance with current technical development findings and taking hygiene issues into account. Intelligent cleaning programmes guarantee excellent safety and productivity levels in connection with daily use.

Handtmann plans and produces CIP Hygienic, CIP Hybrid and CIP Recovered version CIP systems. High quality is ensured due to in-house prefabrication.

CIP Hygienic

  • For highest hygiene requirements
  • Avoidance of "Cross-Contamination"
  • For a large number of different product media
  • Ready-for-operation, preassembled unit
  • Small footprint thanks to compact design
  • Reduced CIP volumes thanks to installation directly on site

CIP Hybrid

  • For highest hygiene requirements,
    in combination with stacking option for caustic and acid (stacking containers are integrated on-site)
  • Low installation efforts thanks to high degree of prefabrication
  • Flexible installation and usage area
  • 2 CIP cycles can be preassembled on one system unit

CIP Recovered

  • For a large number of cleanings per day/week
  • For large nominal diameters of the piping and very long paths
  • Central installation site


For highest hygiene requirements
Avoidance of "Cross-Contamination"
Controlled storage guaranteed
Accurate dosage monitoring of the cleaning media through inductive flow meters
Maximum quality thanks to preassembly

Your benefits

  • CIP design especially for your processes and applications
  • Compact design for minimum space requirements reduces building costs
  • Detailed solutions ensure energy, chemicals and water savings
  • Intelligent software ensures validated cleaning results

Applications & Industries

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Brewing industry

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Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology

Special process engineering

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