Yeast management

Propagation, storage, revitalisation

Custom-made yeast management solutions

The global trend in favour of different speciality beers presents new challenges for breweries in terms of the management of various yeast strains. With multifunctional equipment and intelligent process design, different yeast strains can be propagated, stored and revitalised at the same time.

Vital yeast propagation

Proven Handtmann expertise and technologies are employed to rule out cross-contamination, and high cell rates are achieved with vital yeast.


Yeast management systems

Yeast Versa Flex and Yeast Wrangler meet the requirements of a custom-designed yeast management system.

Yeast management

Yeast management

Handtmann offers a variety of piping systems. The opportunity to prefabricate units, such as pipe fence elements, panels and valve blocks, in the in-house production department, ensures a high quality standard. Assembly, automation and commissioning can be added to the scope of delivery.

Versions: manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic


Handtmann yeast management system - YEAST VERSA FLEX

YEAST VERSA FLEX yeast management

Fully-automatic, the "spa treatment" for your yeast cells.


Handtmann yeast management - YEAST WRANGLER

YEAST WRANGLER yeast management




Aeration system for yeast and wort aeration with VARIO AIR armatures.

  • Preassembled unit
  • Modification and integration for individual requirements
  • Fully-automatic or semi-automatic version

At a glance

Our expertise

Mixing by gentle recirculation with displacement pumps
Best mixing of the entire tank content by through two tangentially arranged recirculation fittings
Automatic tank pressure regulation
The proven VARIO AIR and VARIO BOTTOM AIR year aeration nozzle for aeration
All system parts are CIP/SIP capable
Prefabricated elements using orbital welding for easy assembly
Worldwide proven Handtmann technology in "Hygienic Design"

Your benefits

  • Gentle yeast treatment guarantees optimum reproduction rates
  • Cost savings thanks to multifunctional equipment
  • Multiple propagations per week are possible
  • Number of yeast strains is considered
  • Custom-made solutions for yeast management are core for us
  • The Handtmann automation team integrates yeast management in your overall system

Applications & Industries

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology

Special process engineering

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Wine cellars

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