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The corporate guiding principles of the Handtmann Group of Companies form the basis of our entrepreneurial behaviour and set the standard for dealing with employees, business partners and customers.

The Values of the Handtmann Group of Companies

Code of Conduct of the Handtmann Group of Companies

Bundling skills - pooling ideas

For aluminium and magnesium casting, the Handtmann Light Metal Casting division is a strategic partner to the automotive industry for drivetrain, chassis and body.

The international company with head office in Biberach an der Riss can make optimal use of the synergy effects between the areas of light metal casting and systems.

Over 2,300 employees work at the German facilities in Biberach and Annaberg, at the Slovakian facility in Košice and in the new Tianjin facility in China, and generated sales of  nearly 625 million euros in 2017.

With more than 140 years of success behind it, Handtmann has often shown how expertise and plenty of experience can deliver workable solutions to complex challenges, even in difficult market phases.

Technologies – the key to successful developments

Whether high-pressure die casting, gravity die casting or lost foam (full mould casting): product strategies and problem-solving processes go hand in hand at  Handtmann.

  • Deploying and integrating engineering competence early in the development process 
  • Targeted merging of competencies on customer and Handtmann side
  • Finding a common level for solving project tasks in an interdisciplinary dialogue
  • Complex mechanical treatment and components and system assembly complement the consistent product strategy.


People, climate, culture – quality begins in the mind

We live in unspoilt surroundings and want them to stay that way.

The Handtmann family and all employees have long been dedicated to protecting the environment. Even before the introduction of environmental management systems, occupational safety and environmental protection and all their requirements were already an important aspect of company management at Handtmann. New findings on negative environmental impacts must be factored into the planning.


A claim to quality, progressive thinking and entrepreneurial perspectives are closely associated with each other at Handtmann. Conscious investments are made in these areas. Because it’s the only way we can effectively fulfil the Total Quality Management standards each and every day. When it comes to active environmental protection, Handtmann has put effective measures in place in areas such as

  • raw material recycling (100 % sand regeneration)
  • waste avoidance (lost foam casting method, reduction of used emulsions, etc.) and
  • energy and water conservation (energy-saving furnace technology, heat recovery, water recycling and industrial water treatment)

Light metal casting locations

Aerial photograph of Handtmann Königswalde

Königswalde location

We value long-term relationships


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