WIG DC and AC welding, Orbital welding

Our welding inverters ranging from portable single-phase inverters to large-scale stationary applications cover a power range up to 500 A.

Our customers want welding units that have a compact design, low weight and optimised heat dissipation. The fast current control, perfected ignition properties and high performance of our products guarantee a precise and constant current for welding.

Handtmann e-solutions develops and manufactures welding inverters for WIG DC welding of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals and for AC welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Through the pulsing of the welding currents I1 and I2, with variable frequency, a stable arc can be generated even with minimal input power. With these inverters and the accompanying controllers, even manual metal arc welding with a coated electrode is possible. The Liftarc feature also permits contact ignition without an igniter when DC welding.