Handtmann receives “familiy concious company" rating

The Handtmann Group of Companies was again awarded the title of "family-conscious company"

The Group of Companies supports the work/life/family balance and provides a wide range of family-friendly offerings

Valentin Ulrich

Valentin Ulrich (Managing Director of Handtmann Maschinenfabrik) is pleased about the award of the Handtmann Group of Companies as a "family-conscious company".

As part of the familyNET project, the “Arbeitgeber Baden-Württemberg” group of employers and the family council of the state of Baden-Württemberg recently recognised the Handtmann Group of Companies for its family-conscious, systematic human resources policy with the “family-conscious company” rating.

As a family-conscious company, which focusses on the phases of life of its employees, the award has increased Handtmann’s attractiveness in terms of the competition for specialist staff. This is because the family/life/work balance is an important issue for the future.

Competitive advantage with respect to keeping and recruiting specialist staff: family-friendly human resources Management

For a company to receive this rating, the familyNET project assesses its activities in the areas of management expertise and human resources development, working location, hours and organisation, communication and information, remuneration and payment in kind, service for families, health and social activities.

Specifically, the Handtmann Group of Companies has put into place numerous measures to help its staff to balance their profession, life and family. Offerings available for all employees include the possibility to work more flexible hours (increasing or decreasing the working hours, part-time work, longer lunch breaks or short-term, unpaid breaks in the event of an emergency, organising shift work as per the latest occupational healthcare, occupational safety and nutritional findings, individually agreed working hours, flexible daily or weekly working hours, location-independent work, remote working or sabbaticals), providing information on special situations, especially for young parents, employees older than 55 or employees who also provide nursing care, and facilitating lifelong learning as well as offering specially tailored insurance benefits.

Young parents receive support for short-term difficulties and holiday childcare, for example by providing information on childcare offerings. On the subject of “lifelong learning”, the Handtmann Group of Companies supports its employees with an education offering suitable for each age group. Employees older than 55 are given the opportunity to organise breaks and holidays flexibly. It is also important to Handtmann to assist employees with nursing care responsibilities within the scope of the possibilities. For example, by offering support in the event of care shortages and emergencies, unpaid leave if the start or end of the working day clash with the opening times of the nursing care institutions, or by providing information about contacts at authorities, nursing care services or other support offerings. – Handtmann is therefore a modern and forward-looking company.

Ms Sabine Engel, Secretaries’ office for the HR/Social Matters department and the Profession, Life and Family Office, will be happy to answer questions on these offerings at Handtmann. Just call +49 73 51 / 3 42-21 35 or send an e-mail to beruf-leben-familie@handtmann.de