Handtmann at the iba 2018

Handtmann at the iba 2018

Visit us in hall B4, stand 351

What did the iba 2018 give you? Inspiration? New product ideas? Or even the perfect technical solution for your production? If so, we are ready to tackle the implementation constructively with you. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, we invite you to get to know Handtmann. You can find inspiration and new product ideas with us as well – apart from modern system solutions for dough dividing, forming and dosing and the production of bread, baked goods, small bakery items, snacks, trend products and much more.

Handtmann Forum

Visit us at our customer centre, the Handtmann Forum. A 4,000 m² bakehouse and sampling room is ready and waiting for you there. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art bakery technology, and staffed with specialists who are happy to share their expertise with you or show you new production processes under practical conditions. We would love to see you there.


Handtmann cutting units

The best example of an in-vogue trend product is naan bread, which can be produced in top quality with the Handtmann SE 442 cutting unit. The SE 442 divides dough in combination with a VF 800 dough divider. It is equipped with a pneumatically operated blade and can achieve a high cycle rate depending on the scaling weight, dough consistency and the dough divider used. This high dividing capacity makes the SE 442 an attractive proposition for automated production processes as well. Examples include toast, pizza (ball method), brioche (yeast plait) and the production of bread.

Another highlight of the trade fair is a VF 800 dough divider in combination with the SE 443 cutting unit for making tin loaves. It is perfect for bread types such as wholemeal bread (rye, wheat, spelt), rye breads, mixed rye breads, multi-grain breads and gluten-free tin loaves with high dough yield. The SE 443 is ideally suited to portioning dough directly into moulds or high-precision filling of long baking tins with dough or product using the filling mode.

Handtmann forming systems and depositing systems

Multi-lane dividing/extruding and forming of dough is possible with the Handtmann FS 510 or FS 520 forming Systems. Because the forming tubes can be quickly changed, a wide diversity of products can be produced by virtue of the fast product change-over times. The use of a servo-driven flow divider guarantees very accurate weights per lane and piece. Examples of suitable products are bar-shaped products, cookies, snack pastries, ethnic food and various small pastries, such as rye rolls.

The Depositing Station DS 551 is in modular design comprising a portioning machine (VF) and a servo-driven filling flow divider (2-8 lanes) with valves or nozzles. It is designed for dosing products with extremely accurate weights. Flexibility is given by depositing methods of filling spots, strips and continuous dosing. Another application is the depositing of fillings onto dough sheet lines. Dosing of highly pasty, chunky, highly-viscous (firm) or very soft fillings.

Advantages of Handtmann systems

  • exceptional weight accuracy when dividing or dosing dough
  • oil-free dough dividing and portioning principle
  • modular design and interface capability ensure product diversity and flexibility
  • full wet cleaning with low pressure cleaners is possible and guarantees best hygiene conditions

Thank you for visiting our trade fair stand. We are there for you, even after the iba.