Automation solutions for food production at the interpack

Interpack 2023

Handtmann - Interpack 2023

Handtmann will be presenting integrative solutions for food production from product preparation and processing all the way through to packaging at the interpack in Hall 5, Stand C38. All process solutions are modular and flexible to configure. Live demonstrations will include fully automated solutions for formed products and sausages as well as dosed products. These modern processing methods will be supported by a large number of smart digital solutions (HDS) that have been developed in-house by Handtmann and specifically adapted to these processes. The reliable synchronisation of multiple integrated processing steps is ensured by the monitor control in Handtmann vacuum fillers. It controls, monitors and links complex systems. Cross-process automation is thus made possible, from product preparation with mixing and ultra-fine grinding to processing with portioning, dosing, forming or co-extrusion to a wide range of product handling options such as collating, gripping, feeding and depositing the products into the respective packaging solution. Handtmann solutions therefore guarantee absolute process reliability in combination with packaging machines, such as thermo-forming machines or Multivac tray sealers. The integration of the new WS 910 weighing system advanced edition provides additional process monitoring and control of complex lines. It assumes the checking, monitoring and weight control of production as well as the ejection of over- and underweight portions after processing. It significantly reduces give-away and rework, resulting in savings in packaging, resources and handling.

The fully automatic sausage production from filling to collating and depositing the sausages into trays, including weighing system and the digital HLC Handtmann Line Control will be demonstrated on the stand. A fully automated, accurate-to-gram dosing process including packaging solution will be demonstrated on the basis of the DS 552 depositing system with up to 24 lanes. Visitors to the fair will witness the production of formed products such as burgers, including portioning and forming process and transfer with depositing into trays on a line solution featuring the FS 525 forming system. All production solutions on the Handtmann stand are interlinked via the HCU, the Handtmann 4.0 solution, and interested parties can experience smart food production live and obtain detailed information at the Handtmann Digital Solutions info point. Multivac, Handtmann’s strategic partner, will be exhibiting a fully automated dosing system on the stand and in the open-air area near Hall 4, featuring a Multivac thermo-forming machine as well as minced meat production into flow packs.