Top marks for Handtmann from the meat industry

Handtmann takes first place in the BEST IMAGE survey

The cost effectiveness, reliability and durability of the machines, energy efficiency and the corporate image were rated by decision makers within the meat industry, resulting in great success for Handtmann. The survey carried out by the FLEISCHWIRTSCHAFT and afz journals gave top marks to the machine technology as well as to Handtmann as a company. Our image as a modern and innovative company is rated as excellent by both small-scale and industrial producers.

The reliability and durability, speed and precision of the machines, as well as customer service and user-friendliness, were the 3 most important rating criteria – with top marks for Handtmann. “As the results of the Best Image survey demonstrated, meat producers of all sizes have more than just ONE important criterion when they consider investing in new filling technology,” said Thomas Ott, Head of Sales Organisation, commenting on the outcome of the survey. “Handtmann has thus always pursued a holistic approach to development which, based on dialogue with customers from all over the world, impressively covers all the relevant criteria. Several years of development work are involved when a new machine, such as the VF 800 vacuum filler series, is developed. During this process, every assembly and every function is systematically analysed and designed, and then intensively tested. This enables us to successfully build high-performance yet universal machines featuring premium quality.”

We are extremely proud to receive this accolade and we would like to thank you for your positive feedback and the trust you have placed in us.

Karl Keller (Managing Director)