Pet Food Sticks

System solution for the production of pet food sticks directly onto racks

Handtmann offers a comprehensive solution for the production of pet food sticks directly onto racks, including product preparation and forming. Depending on production volume, different Handtmann Inotec technology can be used for product preparation.


Exemplary recipes would be classics made of beef, chicken and fish, but also new trend products of pure insect proteins or mixed recipes containing a certain percentage of insect protein.

With chicken

With insect protein

Effective & gentle grinding with our Handtmann Inotec industrial grinder

For the process of grinding, the Handtmann Inotec industrial grinder for grinding frozen blocks and fresh raw materials is most suitable. Three models with varying performance characteristics are available for the medium-scale to highly industrial production of up to nine metric tons per hour in continuous operation. Particularly effective and yet gentle grinding results are achieved thanks to the extremely robust breaking screw on top, the feed screw beneath and the high-quality cutting system consisting of a disc-blade combination. All product-handling machine parts are made of stainless steel and designed for high utilisation and a long service life.

The IM P - perfect for the mixing process

The IM P mixer model with parallel paddle shafts for cold, viscous products is particularly suited for the process step of mixing in the production of pet food sticks. The optimum mixing geometry and the variably adjustable mixing from gentle to intensive always ensure an optimum mixing result. Emptying is very quick yet gentle via one or two mixer outlet flaps. The texture of the product can be customised through appropriate process steps, such as vacuum, mixing direction, mixing time, mixing interval and pauses. The Handtmann Inotec mixer models are available with a variable usable volume of 50 to 6,000 litres. As an option, the additional process of emulsifying using the Handtmann Inotec FZK can be integrated in product preparation.

Forming and portioning with the FS 510 & VF 800

For the subsequent portioning and forming process of the sticks, the multi-lane FS 510 forming system is used in combination with a VF 800 vacuum filler. Handtmann inline grinding technology can be integrated as an option for portioning and grinding to final grain size in a single process step. In combination with the associated volume separator, gristle and other hard components can be effectively separated at the same time, if needed. The forming system is generally suitable for a wide variety of products up to a filling pressure of 35 bar.

Large variety of shapes

In addition, a large variety of shapes with countless options is possible in the production segment of snacks and treats:

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Multi-lane production possible

Production can be multi-lane onto up to 24 lanes. The flow divider with servo drive ensures exact rotor speeds, which results in a constant product flow without pressure fluctuations and thus extremely accurate final weights of each stick. The flow divider ejects the filling product in multi-lane filling flows via the flexibly replaceable mould components. Product separation happens directly at the outlet, either with wire or blade, uninterrupted and linear to the product speed directly onto racks. Systems of Handtmann strategic partners Fessmann and Multivac can be used for the processes of thermal treatment, drying and packaging.