Customer Story: Delicatessen Benz

Customer Story: Benz Delicatessen

Every day, the Handtmann vacuum filler convinces me over and again with its accuracy and reliability.

Convenience food of the highest level

She is a master butcher and describes herself as a food enthusiast – because she is passionate about good, honest and responsible food. Gina Benz from Köngen near Stuttgart expresses her love for good food in her delicatessen manufactory and appeals with her young company to customers who value quality. “In my parents’ butcher shop, we realised that customers want delicious food made from good ingredients, but they prefer to skip the effort of cooking themselves.” That was when the idea of founding her own delicatessen manufactory was born.

On the day of delivery, the Handtmann vacuum filler was explained to us so well that we were able to start production the very next day.

Gina Benz, master butcher, owner of Benz Feinkostmanufaktur GmbH and member of the national butcher team

Passion. Appreciation and state-of-the-art technology.

After studying food management in Heilbronn, Gina Benz trained to become a butcher in her parents’ business. “I was always daddy’s princess and somehow nobody expected that his profession could become my profession. But during my studies, I was highly motivated when attending a seminar on the material science of meat and realised that I cannot deny my roots.” Her enthusiasm for the industry is quite obvious – and that her choice of profession was the right one became clear when Gina Benz completed her training in Stuttgart in July 2018 as the best in her year.

Gina Benz is driven by her passion for food. It is her ambition to also improve the consumers’ appreciation for it. And she sees potential in her profession. That is also the reason why she became involved in the national team of the butchery trade. “As a group and role model we can more purposefully get our craft out there and show just how important and great it is that we do what we do. We want to convey that, just like when buying wine, you should also pay attention to quality when buying meat.”



Motivated young professionals for the butchery trade

The national team of the butchery trade, founded in 2018, is made up of 25 highly motivated young professionals, three coaches and a team captain. In addition to participating in international butchery competitions, they are above all ambassadors for the butchery trade. They want to create awareness for food and communicate the importance of their trade. As the leading manufacturer of filling and portioning systems, Handtmann supports the mission of the national team of the butchery trade as a sponsor.

"As a national team, we appreciate the dialogue and exchange with Handtmann. Handtmann helps us take our trade into the future.”


More than 20 different meals are created in our delicatessen manufactory. All are filled into cans using the Handtmann vacuum filler. We also fill our Maultaschen, the Swabian national dish in the form of filled pasta pockets, with it.

Gina Benz, master butcher, owner of Benz Feinkostmanufaktur GmbH and member of the national butcher team

Tradition shapes and inspires

“Our entire family is in the food sector. My parents have the meat deli, our relatives are working in gastronomy and catering and I have been busy with the delicatessen manufactory since 2018. Even though it was founded spontaneously, it was always very clear to me that I wanted to continue the name Benz in this segment.”, explains Gina Benz. She developed her business concept to high standards: the manufactory does not use any additives; only meat, vegetables, spices and water are used in the recipes. The Handtmann VF 608 vacuum filler with dosing valve is used for the filling.

Gina Benz appreciates the high level of flexibility that the vacuum filler offers for filling a wide variety of products - from Maultaschen pasta pockets to liquid sauces. She was also impressed by the Handtmann service: the manufactory was ready to start full production on the first day after delivery thanks to the good instruction and briefing.
Gina Benz has internalised the slow food concept and instilled it into her company. “Unfortunately, the appreciation of food in Germany is lower than in other European countries.” Which is exactly why she intends to counter this lack of appreciation with her manufactory and high-quality dishes.

Into the future with new ideas

Gina Benz has clearly understood the signs of the times with her delicatessen manufactory. Her customers appreciate getting a high-quality meal on the table with little effort. The delicatessen manufactory’s range therefore covers many regional and seasonal culinary preferences. More than 20 canned meals as well as filled pasta pockets are being sold through various food retailers since 2019 – in specially built wooden shelves. Shopping is also conveniently possible via the online shop. In addition, the delicatessen manufactory supplies gastronomy, wholesale, butchers and bakeries with soups, sauces and stews.