Automation with collating system

The Irish company Granby Ltd. puts its trust in Handtmann collating systems for fresh sausage processing

Granby Ltd. produces a wide variety of pork and beef products, such as traditional fresh sausage, cooked sausage, burgers and Irish specialities. Granby is licensed in accordance with the most stringent EU standards and boasts top level BRC certification (tested products in tested packaging). The family company, founded by John Kavanagh in 1933, is now headed by Eoin Kavanagh who represents the third generation. At the beginning of 2016, Granby invested in the new collating technology from Handtmann and integrated 2 systems into their production, the GS 300 and GS 301. A third collating system was recently installed.

“Automation is a major issue throughout the industry. Everyone is looking for automation solutions – whether it be robot or picking systems. I think the industry will increasingly go in this direction,” explained Eoin Kavanagh. Granby uses the Handtmann collating systems very successfully for the fully-automatic depositing of sausage into trays. Customised cutting and collating provides the flexibility needed to be able to respond to consumer wishes and, from the perspective of production, automation has primarily resulted in efficiency, a reduction in manpower needed, better product presentation and improved hygiene for Granby.


I’m absolutely convinced that Handtmann has the best solutions. I really mean it.

Eoin Kavanagh (CEO Granby)

Collating with the GS 301 has resulted in an immediate 50% improvement in line capacity at Granby, with the option of increasing the capacity even more in the future. “With the new GS 301, we can take full advantage of the speed benefits of the PVLS 143 linking and cutting line,” explained Eoin enthusiastically.

“Reliability. It’s as simple as that,” commented Eoin Kavanagh. “I cannot emphasise enough how impressed we are with the Handtmann system. The performance is very good, the design is fantastic and the products coming off at the very end are perfect.”

Granby swears by production networking with Handtmann HCU software and transparency in production – the HCU provides a detailed, minute-by-minute overview of the entire filling department and the machine parameters. Efficiency, weight checking, performance parameters and production and down-times are available at all times on defined graphs and tables. “The amount of information and the extent of the checks are absolutely amazing,” said the Managing Director of Granby.

“What I particularly like the most is that everything comes from a single source – from Handtmann. I therefore don’t have to coordinate various suppliers. The new collating systems and the possibility of controlling the entire line using only one control panel are just perfect. And really easy.”

Automation is the way forwards because labour is becoming extremely expensive and manual handling is an element that risks contaminating the product. Handtmann systems offer a completely new degree of automation and performance. “I’m absolutely convinced that Handtmann has the best solutions. I really mean it. Every day, when I walk through the production halls, I’m delighted about how efficiently everything works.” 

Handtmann collating system at the interpack 2017

Collating systems by Handtmann are an effective turnkey solution for the automatic depositing of ConPro sausages or of fresh sausages in natural or collagen casing into trays or thermo-forming machines. The innovation comprises the new VF 800 vacuum filler with inline grinding system, a PVLS 143 AL cutting line, the new GS 300 collating system, a feed belt for trays and an Intray tray denester. At the interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, we will be demonstrating this complete solution live. Visit us in Hall 8, Stand C35 and be inspired!