Expert butcher impressed by the simple handling of the VF 610 plus

Handtmann in the small-scale butchery sector – reliable and practice-oriented

Flexibility is required more than ever in the small-scale butchery sector. New challenges are emerging every day. The Handtmann VF 608 plus and VF 610 plus vacuum fillers are reliable partners in this context. This is because only the best technology with intuitive operation and simple handling guarantees problem-free and economical production over a long period of time.

Top equipment and Technology
The VF 608 plus and VF 610 plus vacuum fillers feature the best equipment as standard. In particular, the gentle Handtmann vane cell feed system ensures first-class product quality with all types of sausage, day in, day out.

Simple operation and handling
Well-conceived handling and operating convenience throughout the entire system make day-to-day work with the vacuum filler easier. For example

  • Simple operation of the control system and easily understandable icon language
  • Easy operation of the automatic holding devices
  • Split hopper for easy filling and practical observation slit function

When an employee had to take time off sick I had the honour of operating the VF 610 vacuum filler again for 2 weeks. Although I now don’t exactly operate the machine every week I got to grips with the filler very easily. For me, this clearly demonstrated that I made the right decision 4 years ago when I chose Handtmann.

Sigi Föhrenbacher (Föhrenbacher butchers/guest house/party service, Kirchzarten)
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Manejo sencillo de la mano automática

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