Customised Production Line for fresh sausage products


Handtmann Customized Solutions

My Idea

Italian salami cacciatora, Polishkielbasa, Spanish  sobrasada, etc.There is a wide variety of deliciousfresh sausage products and thedemands of the manufacturers onthe production processes are equallydiverse. After the acquisition of a new and larger production line for the production of fresh sausages in trays,a customer’s new production line had to be adapted to the previous spac eavailable and the existing tray sealer.

My Solution

Handtmann Customized Solutions developed a custom solution for this requirement, comprising the production modules VF 800 vacuum filler, AL sausage filling line, WS 910 advanced weighing system with customised pusher, GS 300 collating system and customised curved conveyor as well as a tray rotator for making the connection to the existing tray sealer. This integrated solution enables the depositing into trays of sausage products with a length from 65 mm and a height of ≤ 30/32 mm. The sausages can optionally be joined.

  • Customised curve conveyor allows adaptation of the integrated line to the available space

  • Maximum weight accuracy of individual portions and packaged productthanks to the integrated Handtmann weighing system with customised pusher

  • End-to-end and fully automated production solution from processing to packaging solution for a wide range of fresh sausage products

  • Optimum hygienic production conditions due to elimination of manual intervention

  • High economic efficiency due to implementation of an end-to-endautomation process  without the cost of conversion in the production facilities


Compact and modular production line for fresh sausageproducts in trays. The Handtmann WS 910 advancedweighing system  with customised pusher and curvedconveyor ensures  safe and efficient transfer of the freshsausage products to the  thermo-forming machine. Theintegrated tray rotator ensures reliable transfer to the tray packaging.

Handtmann Customized Solution