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Handtmann Messestand auf der interpack 2017

Handtmann impresses with integrative solutions at the interpack 2017

The interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf – a record-breaking trade fair. And Handtmann was a central part of it in Hall 5. In an area covering 17 halls, the packaging trade fair and the most important international event of its kind once again presented the latest innovations in the packaging industry and the associated processing sector. Handtmann impressed the visitors with integrative solutions, from the portioning process to the packaging solution.

  • The new GS 300 collating system for automatically collating and depositing sausages into a variety of packaging
  • The VDM depositing system for automatically depositing pasty products into a wide variety of containers
  • The new multi forming line for portioning, forming and depositing, e.g. burgers into trays

New multi forming line highlight at Handtmann
One of the highlights was the presentation of the new MULTI FORMING LINE. The multi forming line is suitable for depositing portions of minced meat or formed products, such as burgers, slices and sticks, into trays. A new feature of this process solution is the optional integration of a paper interleaver for inserting paper between the various layers of formed products. Innovative products in a fully-automatic process, from portioning through to packaging.

Industry 4.0 with HCU Software
In addition, with the Handtmann HCU software, the company impressively demonstrated how Industry 4.0 is already successfully implemented at Handtmann, as the HCU ensures the modern management of materials, staff and machines. With the HCU software (Handtmann Communication Unit), Handtmann provides its customers with a unique tool for controlling, monitoring and optimising the filling department.

The interpack 2017 once again clearly showed that the trend towards digitization is continuing at full pace, with concepts such as Industry 4.0, virtual reality and condition monitoring, to name just a few.

And Handtmann is your partner in this field. This is because we offer state-of-the-art process technology with many years of experience in production networking and monitoring. Make use of the tremendous potential provided by perfect production processes through to the packaging solution, including production networking. You are faced with challenges – we have just the right solution for you. For modern industrial food production.

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THANK YOU for visiting our trade fair stand and for your interest in Handtmann.

Handtmann Lebensmittelprodukte verpackt

Packaged Handtmann food products

Vom Portionieren bis in die Verpackung

From portioning through to packaging

Das neue Gruppier-System GS 300 auf der interpack 2017

The new GS 300 collating system at the interpack 2017

  • Automatic collating and depositing of sausages into different types of packaging
  • Multi-lane depositing of pasty products into different types of containers
  • Reliable minced meat production including portioning and separating with an interface for depositing both into trays and thermo-forming machines
  • Automatic cutting and portioning solution for serial portioning directly into moulds, trays or thermo-forming machines without pre-batching
  • Industry 4.0: production networking via Handtmann HCU software