Exhaust gas routing / exhaust gas cooling

Innovative exhaust gas cooler concepts from Handtmann

Handtmann hybrid heat exchanger in an aluminium coolant housing

Powerful heat exchanger for exhaust gas recirculation

Efficient nitrogen oxide reduction with intelligent exhaust gas recirculation systems

Constantly increasing requirements in exhaust gas legislation and the required reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) mean that supercharged diesel and petrol engines with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) are now the order of the day.

With innovative and complex exhaust gas recirculation and cooler concepts, Handtmann makes an important contribution to meeting existing and future emission limits.



Handtmann hybrid heat exchanger for high- and low-pressure applications

Hybrid heat exchanger

Hybrid heat exchanger in aluminium die cast including bypass valve
With the hybrid heat exchanger, Handtmann has made it possible to create the exhaust gas routing in thin-walled and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the coolant housing in aluminium die cast.

Bypass valve assembly incl. exhaust gas recirculation valve

Bypass valve
Exhaust gas is mixed with the combustion air to reduce emissions. This is done via the exhaust gas recirculation valve, the bypass valve and the exhaust gas heat exchanger. The function of the bypass valve is to direct the supplied exhaust gas either through the exhaust gas heat exchanger or through a bypass line, depending on the operating point.

Aluminium exhaust gas cooler

Handtmann exhaust gas cooler stainless steel sheet inlay in the aluminium die cast housing

Tubular cooler with aluminium die cast housing

Tubular cooler with aluminium die cast housing

EGR module with optimised cooling power for high- and low-pressure applications

Flow-optimised exhaust gas routing for optimal cooling power

  • Optimal use of different materials and their production technologies
  • Reduction in overall weight
  • High power density at the level of plate & fin heat exchangers
  • Flow-optimised gas directing thanks to special production and assembly technologies
  • Economically optimised through the specific use of suitable materials

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