One of BC’s original craft breweries, Okanagan Spring was founded by Buko von Krosigk and Jakob Tobler: Two men determined to offer an alternative to the mainstream beers of the region. Where better to pursue this endeavour than in a region marked by natural beauty and a history of fine brewing? Established in 1985 and continuing to brew from the same location today, the Okanagan Spring Brewery resides in the heart of BC’s treasured Okanagan Valley. Surrounded by BC’s Interior Mountains and situated among the beautiful Kalamalka and Okanagan Lakes, it’s the perfect place to brew BC’s favourite beers. On December 31, 1985, the first Okanagan Spring Premium Lager was poured. Buko and Jakob didn’t realize the role that Okanagan Spring would play in popularizing craft brewing, but they did know they’d created a mighty tasty beer.







[Translate to English:] Okanagan Spring Brewery, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Okanagan Spring Brewery, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

[Translate to English:] Okanagan Spring beer dispenser

Okanagan Spring beer dispenser

[Translate to English:] Brewmaster Stefan Tobler

Brewmaster Stefan Tobler

Okanagan Spring Challenges

Fully automated fermentation/storage cellar.

Fully automated bright beer cellar.


Handtmann Solution

  • Piping system for Fermentation/Aging/BBT and CIP Hybrid system including automation.
  • Inova double seat valves in most critical areas ensure safe processes in the sensitive yeas management, fermentation/storage and bright beer area.
  • Handtmann CIP Hybrid skid is busy in the bright beer area.

Handtmann Solution

Handtmann fermentation cellar

Handtmann fermentation cellar

Handtmann prefabricated valve block

Handtmann prefabricated valve block