Belgh Brasse was founded in 1999 by Jean-Louis Marcoux in Amos,  in the Abitibi region of Northwestern Quebec, Canada. The Belgh Brasse Brewery specializes in the manufacturing and bottling of premium beers. The expertise of their master brewer helped develop Belgian Ale beers greatly appreciated by the public. The MONS ABBEY beers have won through the years 72 international medals in worldwide competitions. 2016 marked the end of the Belgh Brasse Brewery construction and expansion, which greatly improved its production capacity.







[Translate to English:] Belgh Brasse, Québec, Canada

Belgh Brasse, Québec, Canada

[Translate to English:] Belgh Brasse beer

Belgh Brasse beer

[Translate to English:] Founder Jean-Louis Marcoux

Founder Jean-Louis Marcoux

Belgh Brasse Challenges

„Do it right from the beginning“.

Design for new cold block has to take the brewery from 10.000 bbl/a to its future capacity.

Start with basic essential equipment and be ready for upgrading the process technic step by step.


Handtmann Solution

  • At first phase install hygienic tank top devices, double tank outlets and basic automation system.
  • Customized 3D-engineering for basic hard piped system allows easy expansion in the future.

Handtmann Solution

Handtmann cold block

Handtmann cold block

Handtmann tank dome caps

Handtmann tank dome caps

Handtmann double tank outlet

Handtmann double tank outlet