Allagash Brewing Company started in 1995 as a one-man operation in a small space on the outskirts of Portland, Maine. Founder Rob Tod had worked in a brewery setting before and recognized a void within the craft brewing movement. While both German and British styles had become prevalent throughout the U.S., the ever-creative Belgian styles were very difficult to find. Through his travels, Tod had sampled many of these unique beers and felt that the flavors and traditions of Belgium needed to be shared with the American drinking public. He designed a small 15-barrel brewhouse, gathered the finest array of authentic raw materials and began his quest towards the production of traditional Belgian style ales. Allagash began as New England's original Belgian-inspired brewery and over two decades has grown into one of the industry's most distinguished and well-respected brands.







[Translate to English:] Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME

Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME

[Translate to English:] Team Allagash

Team Allagash

[Translate to English:] Owner Rob Tod

Founder Rob Tod


  • Taking the Allagash Brewery from hose connections to a hard piped semi automated piping system.
  • Automated and repeatable CIP process for cellar equipment.


  • Piping system for fermenation/aging and CIP Hybrid system including automation.
  • Prefabricated customized pipe fence elements with stand pipe solution at the tank outlet already prepared for future growth.
  • Handtmann CIP Hybrid skid guarantees best cleaning performance by intelligent mechanical engineering and software solutions.

Handtmann Solution

Handtmann pipe fence for 20 CCT´s

Handtmann pipe fence for 20 CCT´s

Handtmann stand pipe with double outlet

Handtmann stand pipe with double outlet