CIP media filtration

Crossflow filtration – environmentally-friendly caustic recycling

CF crossflow filter technology

In a modern production process, large amounts of CIP caustic is produced that was previously discarded. Treating the caustic by means of CF filtration is not only ecological but also economical.

Wide range of applications

CF filter technology is a fully-automatic, continuous membrane filtration methods with a wide range of applications. Depending on the task involved, micro or ultra filtration membranes with a separation limit of up to 5 kD can be used.

Due to the high thermal and chemical resistance, CF filter technology is suitable for, for example, caustic filtration (treatment of hot cleaning caustics from the food and beverage industry).

In cheese dairies, the continuous removal of particles and microorganisms from brine baths facilitates a permanently constant brine quality.


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Crossflow filtration by means of ceramic membrane
Fully-automatic operation and cleaning
High pH temperature resistance
Long service life of the membranes
Compact footprint

Your benefits

  • The CF filter utilises a very robust ceramic membrane with long service life and high capacity
  • Fully-automatic and continuous caustic filtration
  • Contains the full cleansing effect of your caustic
  • Safe removal of particles and biological contamination from the caustic
  • Savings on water and waste water, concentrated caustic and additives as well as on thermal output for new preparation of hot caustic
  • A user-friendly operator software allows easy adjustment of the process parameters or evaluation of the data recording

Other filtration systems

In addition to CIP CF media filtration, Handtmann Armaturenfabrik offers other filtration methods.

Applications & Industries

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Brewing industry

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Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology

Special process engineering

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Wine cellars

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