Vacuum valves

For protection against underpressure in containers or systems

Your benefits

  • Safety: Guided valve disc allows reproducible closing and sealing after activation.
  • Time savings: The pneumatic venting allows easy integration of the valve in a fully-automated cleaning cycle (CIP, SIP).
  • Flexibility: Horizontal and vertical installation position depending on the operating requirement.
  • Design: The division of hosing and flange allows easy replacement of the seal on-site by the customer; full removal of the valve or special tools are not required for this
  • Hygienic Design: This ensures safe use especially in hygienically critical processes, e.g. in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry.



Key Facts

1.4301 Stainless st


25-400 DN

Nominal diameters

3-200 mbar

Set pressure

0-140 °C

Temperature range

Product characteristics

Sealings EPDM (FDA)
Valves Spring or weight-loaded
Temperature range According to customer requirements
CIP equipment optional
Splash guard variants optional
Valve disc Guided
Aseptic sealing With accurate compression of the sealing

Applications & Industries


Brewing industry


Beverage industry


Food industry


Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology


Chemical industry

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