FLOWsafe overflow valves

For pressure protection or to ensure constant pressure retention in feed pipes

Your benefits

  • Flexibility: The variable 360° connectivity paired with the double spherical housing allows any custom piping design.
  • Hygienic Design: The one-piece double spherical housing allows very little spacing between the pipe levels. Minimised sealing area and optimised product space design for reliable cleanability and safe drainage.
  • Profitability: Valve inserts that can be full disassembled and easy to replace seat sealings allow for short and optimised servicing cycles.
  • Productivity: Back pressure-optimised design thanks to valve plunger with valve disc; back pressure thus has no influence on the function.





Key Facts

1.4404 Stainless st


65-100 DN

Nominal diameters

0-16 bar

Set pressure

-20-160 °C

Temperature range

Product characteristics

Field of activity Pressure protection, constant pressure retention
Housing design Stable and resilient
Surface (Ra) ≤ 1.6 µm, ≤ 0.8 µm, polished, matt
Switching function Independent of back pressure
Spherical housing With a variable number of inlets and outlets
Spacing Extremely short in between upper/lower pipe level
Valve plunger (Balancer) with integrated valve disc
Valve disc Split, accurately compressed sealing
Valves Spring-loaded
Version Manual, pneumatic
Sealings EPDM, FDA proof
Control air (for drive) 5 to 8 bar, average 6/4

Applications & Industries


Brewing industry


Beverage industry


Food industry


Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology


Chemical industry

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