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Safety valve

Safety valves

Protection for pressurised, closed containers or systems

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Overflow valves

For pressure protection or to ensure constant pressure retention in feed pipes

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Combination valves

Venting valves/pressure compensation valves for simultaneous protection against underpressure/overpressure

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Vacuum valves

For protection against underpressure in containers or systems

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Tank dome caps

Modular, mechanical platform for easy combination of various functional armatures, such as for tank protection and tank cleaning

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RLV tank dome caps

Compact, modular mechanical combination of various functional armatures

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Double-seat valves

For reliable separation of different media

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Butterfly valves & Single-seat valves

Butterfly valves & Single-seat valves

For controlling and regulating process media

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Applications & Industries


Brewing industry


Beverage industry


Food industry


Dairy industry

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology


Chemical industry

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