New project at the Schönram brewery

"From the strong roots grown in the past, a modern brewery with high quality awareness is risen. Not only the absolute compliance with the Bavarian Purity Law from Willhelm IV from 1516 is a daily incentive, but also the clear commitment to quality in order to preserve the distinctive  "Schönramer" taste. Values that were created in the past are still valid today.“

While enjoying a beer from Schönram, the perfection of the beer taste is also confirmed by the optimal, time-giving storage of the beer in the horizontal storage tanks.We are very pleased to support the Schönramer Brewery with the current expansion of the storage and bright beer tank cellar with our planning, prefabrication and installation of the process piping and valve technology, manufactured in Biberach.

Eric Toft’s, head brewmaster and production manager at Schönram, gave us an appreciative quote: "It was not only the quality of the fittings, but also the obvious high level of competence in technical engineering during the project planning phase as well as the many recommendations from colleagues all over the world that persuaded us to realize the project with Handtmann". Thank you Schönram – Team , it  is a pleasure to work with you!